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FAQ Section

Why should I Sign Up?

All content on NeoPrezo is secure. A big reason for this is that most presentations contain content that is not ready to be shared on any site leave alone social sites. For this reason we have created a  login area which allows you to upload and access all your NeoPrezos securely.

Signing up for an account allows you to

  • Get a secure portal page where you can start a new project
  • A secure place to locate and organize all your presentations
  • Email secure presentation links directly to your client.


How do I start a NeoPrezo ?

After you sign up , we will create a unique page for you which will become your project hub page. Here you will find detailed links to start your NeoPrezo. However, if you do run into any problems, you can always IM us from your page and we will be there to help you.

Can I share my NeoPrezo's ?


Yes, of course you can share your NeoPrezos with your client. On your project Hub page you will have links and instructions to email a secure link directly to your client. This is a secure web link.

However , if you had chosen to get a download version of your NeoPrezo, you can share the .exe or .app file via any file share website like hightail, wetransfer, dropbox etc.

What programs do you support ?

Currently we can create NeoPrezos from 3ds max files. However if you use any other 3d program you can save your file as a (.obj) and we should be able to work with it. Just save out your textures and cameras as well.