We all know what the great pandemic of 2020 did to the Live Events industry. What it also did was bring a lot of attention to the fledgling virtual events world. Though virtual VR and 360 presentations have been around for a while ( we know, we have been at it since 2013!) they never gathered as much pace as they did last year.
With virtual events, clients can not only stay relevant with their customers in the comfort of their home but also engage them in fun interactive ways that can allow for extensive brand engagement.
At Neoprezo, pushing the bar is a constant endeavor . Our Virtual solutions are rife with interactive experiences, virtual hosts, popups with brand information, videos, audio and literature. We have created a backend solution which allows our clients to populate their virtual tours with brands info and unlimited edits once the tour has been publised. This allows tremendous amount of freedom and flexibility.
We are a company built by creatives so we understand the design-presentation process and are committed to providing the most integrated, visually engaging presentation experiences to our clients and individuals through innovative and compelling software and service in the cloud.

Get in touch, we would love to learn about your next virtual event challenge!


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