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One of the biggest hurdles faced in presenting 3d visual designs is the communication of the 3d object in 2d space. By allowing a full 360 degree view around the design model NeoVR© immediately helps interactively visualize the creation from all angles. 

Integrated Presentation

With the ability to present multiple concepts with one integrated interface, NeoVR© allows you to seamlessly switch between them allowing instant comparison of the design in 3d space  enabling quicker and informed decisions by your client. Combine this with amazing secure slideshows and you have one killer NeoPrezo.


In instances where the designer is not present to explain the design ( think RFP’s.. email presentations) NeoVR© allows you to embed design specific design meta information like callouts, finishes, design notes ( including voice overlays speaking to the various elements) which your client can interactively view while navigating the presentation.


Through web, mobile or desktop deployment NeoPrezo allows clients location independent access of the seamless integrated presentation. Its your one stop prezo portal.


NeoPrezo can be used to present environment design, product, graphics or interiors. It is extremely versatile and ensures consistency in presentations across all of these.


With NeoVR’s full interactive interface, multple concept integration, detail views and ability to integrate pricing ,  presentations can come alive and clients are no longer subject to boring slide decks.

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