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What is NeoPrezo?

What is NeoPrezo?

NeoPrezo© is a  revolutionary presentation portal that helps you create stunning 3d interactive presentations for your event, interior, product or environment design idea. With our patent pending visualization engine called NeoVR© we can turn your designs into integrated, interactive and highly portable visual stories. 

Why NeoPrezo ?

Why NeoPrezo ?

One of the biggest hurdles faced in presenting 3d visual designs is the communication of the 3d object in 2d space. By allowing a full 360 degree view around the design model NeoVR© immediately helps interactively visualize the creation from all angles. 

How to NeoPrezo?

How to NeoPrezo?

With NeoPrezo, all your presentations are in one place. So whether you are presenting a new concept or immediately want access to something you did in the past you can just find it on NeoPrezo.  And its all secure. Log in, access your designs and present from within your portal. Give it a try . 

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Presentations can be fun yet arduous. A lot hinges on them especially in todays highly competitive business environment. Yet sometimes the weakest link can be the ability of the client perception of 3d space. ‘You cannot sell it if they are unable to visualize it’.

With NeoPrezo you can virtually eliminate such ambiguity. It is the best you can achieve without having to build it.  Take a tour of the environment and NeoVR will literally stitch your story together. And now with the inclusion of predefined views and hotspots, you can quite literally present those ‘money’ shots which can tie in seamlessly with your printed synopsis.


Another compelling use of NeoPrezo is in presenting concepts for Kiosks, POP’s or even mobile displays. With NeoPrezo you can build in custom animations into your presentation so that as you rotate your model you can move parts of the model to show their working and interaction with the users. So for instance in a standalone information display, you can show how the back panel flips open to reveal a concealed laptop computer and then even show how it neatly stows away..once again presenting multiple scenarios visually in one elegant interface.


If you are a product designer, it is inevitable you’ve been asked to present various iterations of the final product : in different shapes, color combinations and so on. With NeoPrezo all that is made real easy and elegant with the entire presentation in one concise, compact and elegant interface. With the click of a button on the concealable menu, you can seamlessly switch between color combos, product versions all with their own set of hotspot callouts and graphics.

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With all the benefits that NeoPrezo has to offer you would not like to miss on any of them come time for presenting your concepts. And we have made sure you can do that. though NeoPrezo was primarily designed for the web, we do understand that presentations can happen anywhere with or without internet. This is where NeoPrezo offline come handy!

You can very conveniently download a Mac/PC or Linux version of your presentation from your portal page to your desktop and take it with you anywhere. Very soon we will offer an offline version for the iPad as well.

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