Visual Communication

360 degree views around the design model immediately replaces the need to have multiple visuals from various angles allowing for a clean, smooth presentation

Integrated Prezo

With the ability to combine multiple concepts into one integrated interface,  seamlessly switching  between them allows clients to really visualize the key aspects of each concept

In the cloud

Whether it be web, mobile or desktop deployment the Prezo sits in the cloud allowing clients location independent access of their seamless integrated presentation

Flyaround VR

Flyaround Vr’s allow the user to pan around the space design and view it from all angles. With our unique UI we can superimpose multiple designs in one interface thus allowing a seamless comparison between design concepts.

Point of View VR

These VR’s allow the user to pan around the space from one viewpoint. Point of View Vr’s are best used to visualize once inside a space, for instance to visualize a room interior or a lounge area.

360 VR Video

360 VR Videos and animations completely change how the user interacts with the virtual space. Users can pan the camera as it moves along the space allowing them to be in control of what they see. Animations now ‘adapt’ to the users point of view resulting in a very immersive presentation.

Fly-around  VR’s

[pano file ="" width="800" height="600" panobox="on" preview="" width ="210" height ="150"]

A 20’x20′ Environment

[pano file ="" width="850" height="650" panobox="on" preview="" width ="210" height ="150"]

An Internet Kiosk

[pano file ="" width="850" height="650" panobox="on" preview="" width ="210" height ="150"]

Personal Bank Branch

Point of View VR’s

Click the maximize button on the right for full screen mode. Viewing this on a mobile device will allow ” Cardboard” mode for VR viewers like Google cardboard or Gear VR.

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A 20’x20′ VR Environment

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Customer Experience Center

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Product Launch Event

360 VR Video

A whole new dimension in animations, 360 VR Videos give you an awesome immersive experience.  You are not bound to a predefined camera angle. Pan the camera as it moves down its path to look around the entire space and create multiple viewpoints with the same animation.

This VR technology is so new and some browsers have not caught up. As a result  this video might not work on certain iOS devices. Best viewed on a desktop browser on Safari or Chrome.