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Pay Per Use


All situations are not the same and presentations are no exception to this rule. So we have created 4 convinient packages based on general presentation stages and needs.

If you are toying with an idea but need a solid foot in the door without spending a lot of spec dollars, go for the copper package. With loose concept sketch renders,( check here)  this gives you the  best of both worlds.

However if you are caught presenting a large RFP and really cannot be there to present in person, we recommend the Gold package. This allows you multiple concepts, predefined views, all project details included in the VR interface. Its is designed to impress.

The Table here is to give you a comparative idea on features available in the different packages.

( BTW If this is your first time here , the Silver package is on us. Try it out and let us know what you think!)

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Corporate Pricing


Our pricing is based on a pay per use basis.

However, we are evaluating a monthly subscription corporate pricing structure. This will be based on the level of package and the total anticipated presentations per month.

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