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There are enough presentation tools out there to create awesome 2d decks : Prezi, Sliderocket, Zoho to name a few.

However, there are two big things missing from all these solutuons

  • None of them provide tools necessary for explaining complex 3d models
  • The burden of creating the presentation, learning a new interface and all that goes with it lies squarely on the presentor.

With ever decreasing timelines for creating presentations couple with optimizations in the workforce, this becomes a challenge.

Neoprezo was built to eliminate these core problems. Our vision is to build an awesome presentation tool and a team to help create stunning 3D interactive visual stories, at a fraction of the cost of having full time in-house support.

We started work in early 2013 and started with beta testing our ideas with live projects. Encouraged by the positive feedback and the agile process we employed to building the service, we formally set it up in mid 2013.

We are a company built by creatives so we understand the design-presentation process and the pain points associated with it and are working hard to alleviate those. We are committed to providing the most integrated, visually engaging presentation experiences to creatives and individuals through innovative and compelling software and service in the cloud.

This is just a start. we are far from done. Still in beta mode, we would love to hear from you. Send us a note below

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