360° VR Video

360 VR Videos and animations completely change how the user interacts with the virtual space. Users can pan the camera as it moves along the space allowing them to be in control of what they see. Animations now ‘adapt’ to the users point of view resulting in a very immersive presentation.

Point of View VR

These VR’s allow the user to pan around the space from one viewpoint. Point of View Vr’s are best used to visualize once inside a space, for instance to visualize a room interior or a lounge area.

Virtual Stories

Vr Tours allow the user to visualize the story intended by the designers by interactively ‘walking’ through various hotspots and links. These can be close up views, popup videos of area details or descriptions coupled with sounds and animation.

Virtual Stories

VR Tours present a unique opportunity to promote presentations directly to your prospective audience. Rather than seeing a static view of the design, VR tours help you create a compelling story by allowing the user to click through a series of links and experience a 360° view of the environment. Check out these examples below.

http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/new_idexx/index.htm" width="1200" height="900"

Tour for IDEXX (pwd 5454)

[pano file ="http://neoprezo.com//wp-content/vr/tams-new/index.html" width="1200" height="900" panobox="on" preview="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/tams-new/tile_tam.jpg" width ="274" height ="212" button ="off"]

Tour for Toshiba Medical @ RSNA

[pano file ="http://neoprezo.com//wp-content/vr/OnSemi/index.html" width="1200" height="900" panobox="on" preview="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/OnSemi/tile_cust.jpg" width ="274" height ="212" button ="off"]

Tour for On Semiconductor Customer Center

[pano file ="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/NetApp/index.html" width="1200" height="900" panobox="on" preview="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/NetApp/tile_net.jpg" width ="274" height ="212" button ="off"]

Tour for  NetApp Exhibit

[pano file ="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/viasat/index.html" width="1200" height="900" panobox="on" preview="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/viasat/tile_via.jpg" width ="274" height ="212" button ="off"]

Pano Tour for Viasat RFP

[pano file ="http://neoprezo.com//wp-content/vr/OSAuto/index.html" width="1200" height="900" panobox="on" preview="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/OSAuto/tile_oauto.jpg" width ="274" height ="212" button ="off"]

Tour for ON Semi Automobile product ( pwd 5454)

[pano file ="http://neoprezo.com//wp-content/vr/BASF/index.html" width="1200" height="900" panobox="on" preview="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/BASF/tile_0.jpg" width ="274" height ="212" button ="off"]

Tour for BASF Customer Center

[pano file ="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/splunk/index.html" width="1200" height="900" panobox="on" preview="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/splunk/tile_2.jpg" width ="274" height ="212" button ="off"]

Tour for Splunk Exhibit

[pano file ="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/Legacy/index.html" width="1200" height="900" panobox="on" preview="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/Legacy/tile_truck.jpg" width ="274" height ="212" button ="off"]

Inside a Mobile Exhibit for Apollo Endo

[pano file ="http://neoprezo.com//wp-content/vr/citrix4/index.html" width="1200" height="900" panobox="on" preview="http://neoprezo.com/wp-content/vr/citrix4/tile_cit.jpg" width="274" height ="212" button ="off"]

Navigate the large CITRIX booth with this VR

Point of View VR’s

Click the maximize button on the right for full screen mode. Viewing this on a mobile device will allow ” Cardboard” mode for VR viewers like Google cardboard or Gear VR.

A 20’x20′ VR Environment

Customer Experience Center

Product Launch Event

360° VR Video

A whole new dimension in animations, 360 VR Videos give you an awesome immersive experience.  You are not bound to a predefined camera angle. Pan the camera as it moves down its path to look around the entire space and create multiple viewpoints with the same animation.

This VR technology is so new and some browsers have not caught up. As a result  this video might not work on certain iOS devices. Best viewed on a desktop browser on Safari or Chrome.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 360° VR's

One of the biggest hurdles faced in presenting 3d visual designs is the communication of the 3d object or space  on a 2d Medium. By allowing a full 360 degree view around the design,  clients can  interactively visualize the creation from all angles and it creates a very immersive experience

What is 360° VR Video?

360° video is an immersive media technology changing the way a viewer interacts with video on demand, online training sessions, virtual tours or other video production applications. It’ more life like and puts the viewer in the middle of the scene allowing them to see all around and what they want to see. This interactive experience is not only immersive but invaluable in visualizing any design creation from all angles.

How much do 360° VR products cost?

At NEOprezo we have 3 different solutions to present the 360 immersive experience : Point of View VR’s, VR Tours and 360° VR Videos.  Though 360° VR Videos can be the most immersive, they are also the most complex to produce. We recommend Point of View and VR Tours for your smaller to mid size projects and 360° VR Videos for the larger projects. With a 360° VR video in your presentation arsenal, you are bound to make a big impression!

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