The new standard in presentations!

What is NeoPrezo?

NeoPrezo© is a  revolutionary presentation portal that helps you create stunning 3d interactive presentations for your event, interior, product or environment design idea. With our patent pending visualization engine called NeoVR© we can turn your designs into integrated, interactive and highly portable visual stories. 

Never be caught in a presentation without a specific view of your design. With NeoVR you will now be able to present your designs with views from all angles, zoom in and out, seamless morph between multiple concepts and add product specific attributes all in one elegant interface. If you are unable to present in person, NeoVR can include tailored voiceovers that are triggered when navigating specific areas on the VR. And to further complement your custom NeoPrezo page , we have added custom made slideshows for your visual stills, links for downloading PDF’s or pricing sheets that you may want to share as well as video links on specifcs of the project.

NeoPrezo is an evolving product. Any or all changes and improvements that we make will be immediately available to you.




Think of NeoPrezo as your presentation support team to help you get a killer presentation ready while you prep for the big day. When your designs are done, upload your 3d models and final visuals and we will create a stellar secure NeoPrezo for you.

Complete with a full 360 VR, a stunning slideshow and a custom link to share with stake holders. And if you cannot present in person, we can create NeoPrezos that will include your voice-over so that the design intent is communicated accurately and effectively each time.


Need to explain your product features in detail or access a project presentation that was recently sold.? Login to NeoPrezo and walk your client through the product story in explicit detail.


NeoPrezo becomes the one and only site for access to all prezos you or your company has been involved with. Your product presentations are available to you wherever you are all in one location. Just login and start a NeoPrezo. With the custom VR and slideshows you can start selling designs without having to call on your design team again